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Moon Quarterback Club

The President's Column

From: The Goalpost
 Volume 7, Issue 1
 June 2003

Another exciting Tiger football season is fast approaching.  As I'm sure most of you agree, it has been a lot of fun for us as parents to see our sonsí progress with the program. While the boys work hard this summer at practice, you can be a part of Moon Football by volunteering for several of the functions sponsored by the Quarterback Club.  Just a few hours of your time will provide the support needed to make this a memorable season for your sons.

The Quarterback Club carries the ball, but comes up short of players during different games of the season. This is where our team needs your help. Please take a look at the positions we have open and contact Dallas Stewart 412-298-6416 or Fred Cercone if you would like to have your name on our team roster!

Saturday, Aug. 9:  Golf Outing

Mon.-Thurs. Aug 11-14:  Parents to help provide lunch for the boys at summer camp

Home games (see schedule):  Concession stand, program sales, 50/50 raffle

We need and always appreciate parents' help on committees

Get involved and make this a fun and memorable year for you and your sons!!