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Moon Area High School
Fighting Tigers
Football - 2004

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Directions for Away Games
Beaver Falls
 Chartiers Valley
 Ellwood City
 Keystone Oaks
 New Brighton
New Castle
North Hills
Peters Township
South Fayette
 West Allegheny

AMBRIDGE (724) 266-4001 -- Take Route 51 North along Ohio River to
                the Ambridge bridge exit; cross river and proceed straight ahead
                on 11th Street past Merchant Street to Duss Ave; turn right.  High
              School and Stadium about a block away on the right.

AVONWORTH (412) 366-6360 -- Cross Sewickley Bridge and turn right
               onto Ohio River Blvd.  Proceed for 5 miles  toward Pittsburgh until you
               arrive at the intersection with Camp Horne Road (Green Belt).  A Gas
               station is on the left and Dan Reese's Auto Mart is on the right.  Turn
               left onto Camp Horne Road and proceed approximately 1 1/2 miles to
               the first stop light you come to (will be the vicinity of the I-279
               interchange with Camp Horne Road).  At the stop light, turn left onto
               Joseph's Lane and proceed up the hill for approximate 8/10ths mile.
               High School and Stadium are on the right.

BEAVER (724) 774-0251 -- Take Beaver Valley Expressway to Beaver
               Exit.  Make right and proceed to cemetery.  Turn left onto Buffalo
               Street.   About 3 blocks to parking lot for stadium.

BEAVER FALLS (724) 843-7470 -- Cross either Ambridge or Sewickley
               Bridge, turn left onto Route 65 North (Ohio River Blvd) and drive
               through and past Rochester and get on Route 18 and drive through
               New Brighton into Beaver Falls.  Stay on Route 18/ 7th Ave until it
               intersects with 17th Street in downtown Beaver Falls (next to
               McDonald's).  Turn left and go one block.  High School and Middle
               School grounds are in front of you.

BLACKHAWK (724) 846-6600 -- Take Beaver Valley Expressway to
               Chippewa Exit.  At end of ramp, turn left onto Route 51.  Proceed
               to Route 168 North (drive past Burger King and several traffic
               lights - about 4 miles - and make a right onto Route 168.  Follow
             Route 168 to "T" intersection (.6 mile). Make left onto Rt 551 and
             go 1/4 mile to intersection.  Turn right, back onto Route 168, and
               go 1/4 mile.  Stadium is on the right.  Located in Darlington Twp
               at intersection of 3d St. and Elwood Blvd.

CHARTIERS VALLEY (412) 429-2241 -- Take Parkway West to I-79 South;
               proceed on I-79 South to 2nd exit (Heidelberg/Kerwin Heights).  Take
               exit  ramp to Route 50; turn left at Route 50 and proceed to next stop
               light.  Turn left off Route 50 onto Thoms Run Road.  This leads to
               school (on left) about a 1/4 mile up Thoms Run Road.  Turn left onto
               school grounds to park on top of hill next to stadium.

ELLWOOD CITY (724) 752-1591 -- (Several ways; this is one)
          Follow Route 65 from Ambridge thru New Brighton and then follow
             Route 18 thru Beaver Falls to the junction with Route 351 in the town
               of Koppel (Citco Gas Station on your right) -  (approx. 19 miles from
               Ambridge).   Turn right and follow Rt. 351 East across bridge and
               into Ellwood City (approx. 4 miles). Stay on Rt. 351(Lawrence Ave) thru
               5 stop lights to the 3 Way Stop Sign at intersection with Fourth Street
               (Gulf Station to your front). Turn left onto Fourth St. and go to next Stop
               Lite at intersection with Fountain Ave(Rt.488). Turn right onto Fountain
               Ave and proceed to second Stop Light at intersection with Sims Street.
               Turn left onto Sims St. and cross small bridge into the Ewing Park area
               to a five way intersection in a residental area.   Angle to right onto
               Jefferson Street and proceed about two blocks. "New" Stadium
               located to your left next to the old stadium location. Driving time is 45
               minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic.

FREEDOM (724) 775-7400 -- After crossing Sewickley Bridge make left
               onto Route 65 to the Freedom exit.  At stop sign turn right; go 3/10th
               mile; Freedom High and field are on the right.

Hampton (412) 486-6000 -- Cross Sewickley Bridge and turn right onto
               Ohio River Blvd (Route 65) and proceed to I-79.  Drive North on I-79 to
               next exit, Mt. Nebo Road (Exit 20).  Turn right onto Mt. Nebo Road.
               Follow the Yellow Belt signs through McCandless/Ingomar
               crossing Route 19 and McKnight Road on through North Park,
               crossing Babcock Blvd and continuing on the Yellow Belt (Ingomar
               Road) to Route 8.  The distance from the I-79/Mt. Nebo Road
               intersection to Route 8 is approximately 16 miles.  Upon reaching
               Route 8, continue straight across on the Yellow Belt to School Road
               which is only about a quarter mile beyond the Route 8 intersection.
               Turn right onto School Road.  Football field will be on the left across
                the road from the Hampton Middle School.  Driving time is 40 to 50

Highlands(724) 226-1000 -- Take Parkway West into Pittsburgh through
              the Fort Pitt tunnel and cross bridge.  Bear left and cross Fort Duquesne
              bridge and then bear right onto Route 28 North.  Follow Route 28 North
              approximately 22 to 25 miles to Exit 15 (Natrona Hts).  At end of exit,
              make right up hill to first street (Dallas Avenue).  Make right onto Dallas
              Avenue and go three blocks to major intersection (i.e., old Route 28).
              Make right onto Old Route 28 (Freeport Road) and go three blocks to
              California Street (on left across from Heights Elem. School).  Turn left on
              California and field is right there.  Approximate travel time is 1 hour and
              25 minutes.

HOPEWELL (724) 378-8565 -- Take Brodhead Road to the Fez.  Turn right
              onto Longvue Avenue after the Fez.  Follow road to high school and

  KNOCH (724 ) 352-9451 -- Take I-79 North to the Rte 19 North Exit.  It is a left
               lane exit at the Sheraton.  About one mile after the exit, turn right onto
               Rte 228 (Red Belt).  Follow Rte. 228 to Rte. 8.  Turn left on Rte. 8 and
               proceed on Rte. 8 to a right turn on Dinnerbell Road (opposite
               Conley's Moter Inn and Golf Course).  Knoch High School will be on
               your right 5.2 miles up Dinnerbell Road.  Approx. travel time is
               about 1 hour.


KEYSTONE OAKS (412) 571-6037 -- Take Parkway West towards
              Pittsburgh and get off Parkway at Greentree exit.  Turn right at exit
              toward Mt. Lebanon and proceed to 3d stop light and make left on
              McMonagle.  Go down McMonagle to botton of hill and at stop light
              at on Banksville Road bear right and turn left immediately up Dormont
              Avenue.  (Note:  Stadium sits on hill above/behind Banksville Shopping
              Plaza at that light.).  Proceed up Dormont Avenue and turn left at first
              street and go up hill to next street and then left to Stadium.  (Allow for
              at least 40 minutes travel time.)

MOHAWK (724) 667-7782 -- Take Route 60 Expressway North toward
              New Castle.  Go through Toll Booth.  Take Exit 19.  At end of ramp,
              turn left onto Route 108 (toward Mt. Jackson).  Drive 3 miles.  You
              will come to a four-way stop sign with blinking lights.  Turn right
              onto Route 317.  Go 1/2 mile to fork in road; stay left - it is still
              Route 317.  The high school and field are one mile down the road.

MONTOUR (412) 667-7782 -- Take Beaver Grade Road toward Robinson
              Township.  When road ends, turn left on to Montour Road.  At road
              split, stay left and proceed up Clever Road.  Follow Clever Road past
              Robinson Park and several housing developments.  Entrance to
              high school is on right.  (Hint:  Go early; traffic on Clever Road on
              game nights is a nightmare.)

New Brighton (724) 846-1050 -- Follow Routes 65/18 North into New
             Brighton until the two highways split (in New Brighton); follow Route 65
             (Mercer Ave) approximately .7 mile to the 3rd Street intersection. Turn
             right onto 3rd Street.  Stadium one block away.

New Castle (724) 656-4700 -- Follow Route 60/Beaver Valley Expressway
             north through the Route 60 Toll and continue on to Exit 18.   Turn right
             onto Route 168 and  go about a half mile to the intersection with Rt. 18.
             Turn left onto Route 18 and follow it as it winds through the outskirts of
             New Castle for approximately six miles to the intersection with Lutton
             Street.  Turn right onto Lutton Street and drive up the hill for about  3/4
             of a mile and turn left onto Cunningham Avenue.  Stadium is to your
             immediate right.  Driving time is 50 minutes to an hour.  Following the
             above directions will require you to pay two .50 cent tolls each way.
             To avoid paying Tolls, get off Route 60 sometime before the first Toll
             Booth and get on Route 18 at or before Beaver Falls.  There are several

Northgate (412) 734-8002 --  Cross Sewickley Bridge and turn right
         and proceed toward Pittsburgh on Ohio River Blvd for 8 miles into
              the intersection with Riverview  Ave in Belleview.  You are at a stop
              light with a McDonald's on your right and a Sonoco Station on your left.
              Turn left onto Riverview and immediately bear right.  Follow Riverview/
            Freemont St to top of hill (6/10 mile) to intersection of Lincoln/
              California Ave.  Turn left onto Lincoln Ave and go one block.  Stadium
              is on the left behind the buildings vicinity Mellon Bank.  (NOTE:
              Stadium is not located with Northgate High School.  High School is
              located on Union Ave about a mile away.

North Hills (412)367-6061 -- Cross Sewickley Bridge and turn right and
              proceed  5 miles on Ohio River Blvd toward Pittsburgh to the
              intersection with Camp Horne Road (Green Belt).  A BP Gas Station
            on the left and Dan Reese's Auto Mart is on the right.
              Turn left onto Camp Horne Road and follow the Green Belt signs
              for about 3 1/2 miles to where Rochester Road splits (vicinity of
              84 Lumber and Ruby's Cleaners).  Bear right onto Rochester Road
              and follow it past the Perry Ave/Route 19 intersection for another
              1 and 1/2 miles.  High School is on the left.


Peters Township (724) 941-6250    -- Take Parkway  West  toward
              Pittsburgh to I-79 South.  Follow I-79 South to Exit 45,
              PA-980/Canonsburg.  Turn left onto McClelland Road and travel
              1.2 miles.  Turn left onto Washington Road (US-19) and travel
              1.8 miles.  Turn right onto East McMurray Road and to 1/2 mile. 
               High School is on your right.  Total distance is about 26.5 miles;
               driving time is about 45 minutes.


Ringgold (724) 258-2200  -- Take Parkway West toward Pittsburgh to
             Route 51 South toward Uniontown.  On Route 51 South travel
             approximately 11.7 miles to Exit 5B.  Take the ramp toward PA-43,
             TPKE S/CALIFORNIA.  Turn slight right onto Jefferson Blvd.  Take the
              PA-43 TPKE S ramp.  Merge onto PA-43 TURNPIKE S (Portions toll). 
             Take the PA-136 exit (Exit 44) toward Eighty Four/ Monongahela. 
             Turn left onto Dry Run Road (PA-136).  Go quarter mile and turn  left
              onto Ram Drive.  High School just ahead.  Total distance is about
              37 miles; driving time about 53 minutes.


South Fayette (724) 693-9468 -- Take Parkway West to Routes 22/30
          exit.  Follow Routes 22/30 to the Oakdale exit.  At end of ramp, turn
          left onto McKee Road and travel approximately 3 miles into the center
          Oakdale Twp.  Turn right onto Route 978 South, drive past the
          Post Office, and proceed up the hill for 1 mile to the intersection
               with Battleridge Road.  Turn left and proceed 6/10 mile to intersection
               with Old Oakdale Road.  Turn right and proceed 2/10 mile.  High School
               on left.

Sto-Rox (412)778-8871 -- From the intersection of ThornRun Road and
              Route 51, turn right and follow Route 51 South through Coraopolis
              toward Pittsburgh for a distance of  7 and 3/4 miles into the town of
              Stowe.  A the first stop light you come to, turn right onto Seventh St
              proceed thru the Stowe Tunnel to the intersection of Broadway Ave
              and Seventh St (a distance of about 1/2 mile).  Turn right onto
              Broadway Ave and go a half block and turn left onto Valley Street.
              High School and Stadium one block away directly to your front.

WEST ALLEGHENY (724) 695-1562 -- Take Parkway West to Routes
               22/30 exit.  Follow Routes 22-30 to the Imperial exit.  At end of ramp,
              turn right.  Bear right at stop sign onto West Allegheny Road past
              Wholesale Tire.  Turn left into school grounds at the sign.

Yough High School (724) 446-5520 -- Yough H.S. is located in Herminie,
             Pa. in Westmoreland County.  To get there follow Parkway West into
             Pittsburgh and then follow Parkway East to the PA Turnpike entrance in
             Monroeville.  Take the Turnpike east to the Irwin exit at Route 30 (Cost is
             .50 cents).  Turn on Route 30 towards Greensburg for 2/10ths mile and
             turn right onto Arona Road.  Go 5/10ths mile to Wendel Road and travel
             1.4 miles and bear left onto Wendell Hermine Road and travel 1.5 miles.
             This turns back into Wendell Road.  Go an additional 7/10s mile and turn
             right onto Evanstown Road.  Go 2/10ths mile and turn right onto
             Keystone Road.  Go 3/10ths mile and bear right onto Sewickley Ave.  Go
             6/10ths mile and turn left onto West Newton Road.  Go 1/10th mile and
             then turn onto Lowber Road.  Travel 6/10ths mile and the school is on
             your left.  Driving time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes under
             ideal conditions.  If you end up in State College, you went too far.