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"The Goalpost"

Current News
As of May 8th, 2001

Upcoming Quarterback Club Meetings
Room 103, Moon Area High School, 7:30 PM
May 10th, 2001
June 2001 - No Meeting
July 12th, 2001
August 9th, 2001
Check MCA-TV for any updates regarding changes in meeting dates.

2001 Annual Gridiron Golf Tournament
Saturday, August 4th 2001
Tee Off 7:30 AM
For more information, call:
Pat Musta at (412) 262-4066
Ken Dwyer (412) 269-0499

Penn-Ohio All-Star Football Game
Friday, June 29th, 2001
Beaver Falls, Pa

Old News
August 2000
"A publication of the Moon Quarterback Club"
Volume 5, Issue #2, Editor: Pat Imbrogno

"Articles In This Issue"

 The Coach's Corner
 The President's Column
Tigers Wrapping Up Summer Workouts
Moon Gridiron Golf Tournament Success
Concession Stand Cleanup a Success
Game Day Volunteers Needed
Parent's Hats - Order Now
Moon Tiger "Tracked" to Stadium
Great Job - Moon Cheerleaders
Football Program Ad Deadline
Next Quarterback Club Meeting
Committee Chairpersons List

Volume 5 Issue #2  Editor: Pat Imbrogno August 2000

The Coach’s Corner

By Coach Capuano

In two weeks another football season will begin and this will be the ninth season in my second stint as the Moon High School head football coach.  As we enter this new millennium, it is hard to believe that eight years have passed since I returned to coaching in 1992.  Many wonderful events have happened since then and my super staff and I are still anxious for the beginning of this new challenge.  With the loss of many talented seniors and only two returning starters, this will be our youngest team to date.  Lack of experience will have to be replaced with heart, hard work, and "eye of the tiger" grit.  Our strenghts this season will be our speed at the skill positions.  With several running backs with great speed (Ben Kohl - Sr, Matt Dumbovich - Sr, and Austin Sykes - Soph) along with speed at the flanker position (Matt Hazlett - Sr, and John Scott - Jr) make these positions look solid even with little game experience.  The split end position will be handled by Elliot Zelenko - Sr and David Kuhn - Jr, who both can catch the ball very well.  The quarterback position will be up for grabs with Brian Shutak - Sr, John Scott - Jr, Derek Blyzwick - Jr, and Bill Ashburn - Soph, all competing for the position.  The only experienced lineman from last year will be senior Chris Ervin at offensive tackle.  Players expecting to see a lot of playing time will be John Anthony Smith - Soph, and Mike Pons - Sr at center, John Cegelski - Sr, Chris Seigle - Jr, and Dave Bundy - Sr at guards.  Chris Ervin - Sr, Jason Cercone - Sr, Doug DeBlasio - Soph, and A.Q. Shipley - Fresh, at the tackle position.  Defensively we have two returning starters Matt Dumbovich at CB and Ben Kohl at SS.  Ben is going to switch to free safety this season.  The secondary can be our strong part of the defense because of the experience of Kohl and Dumbovich.  Joining them in the secondary will most likely be John Scott - Jr at corner and Dave Kuhn - Jr at strong safety.  We hope speed and quickness will make up for lack of experience in the front seven of our defense.  Elliot Zelenko and Anthony Defurio - Sr will play defensive end, Chris Ervin, Dave Bundy, and Doug DeBlasio will compete for tackle, and Mike Pons, John Smith, and Chris Seigle will challenge for the noseguard position.  The linebacker position will have good quickness with Kevin Lovely - Jr, and Austin Sykes - Soph.

This years team will have a tough uphill battle in a super conference, but will have two things on their side - a tradition of excellence that is unmatched in AAA, and the "EYE OF THE TIGER' spirit that is always in Moon football teams.  We look forward to that first home game at Tiger Stadium September 22, with our great Moon fans that are always supportive.

The President’s Column

By Fred Cercone

Well, Tiger fans, another football season is just around the corner.  This season will provide fans with another exciting season featuring our 2000 Moon Area High School football team.  Coach Capuano and the coaching staff , along with the football team have been preparing all summer for the upcoming season.

On August 5, 2000, the Quarterback Club had our 9th annual Moon Gridiron Golf Outing at Fox Run Golf Course.  The weather cooperated with us again this year and a great time was had by all the golfers.  I would like to thank the committee members for working diligently in preparing for the outing: Pat Musta, Coach Capuano, Jerry Bunda, Ken Dwyer, and Russell Brown.  These members worked hard to bring in money sponsorship.

Other members assisting in the golf outing were Ann Cercone, Lynn Cercone, Mary Dumbovich, Denise Imbrogno, Pat Imbrogno, Chuck Kohl, Mike Lovely, and Keith Varadi.  On the day of the outing, we were assisted by Ed and Alice Blyzwich, Rich Derenda, Betsy Kohl, Larry Ervin, and Nan Lemmon. All of you did a great job!

As the season approaches, help is needed in manning the concession stand.  You will be receiving a letter requesting help on game day.  We only have four home games this year.  Please review the parent's schedule when you receive the letter.  It will tell you what time and dates you will be asked to attend.

We really need your help at the concession stand.  Keep in mind that you are doing this for the football program:  players, coaches and cheerleaders.  They all benefit from your cooperation.

Let's continue the support for our winning program with Tiger Pride!

Tigers Wrapping Up Summer Workouts

Many of Moon's loyal fans probably don't realize that our Tigers work out all year long to give them the excitement that expect every Fall.  The Tigers are anxious to start the season and strap on the pads again.  This summers "passing scrimmages" were arranged with various local schools to sharpen up the pass routes and defensive coverage.

Moon Gridiron Golf Tourament
Is Huge Sucess

This year's Gridiron Golf Tournament was held August 5th with glorious sunny weather greating the 156 participants.  This year's committee and helpers consisting of: Pat Musta, Coach Capuano, Russell Brown, Ken Dwyer, Jerry Bunda, Denise Imbrogno, Fred Cercone, Mike Lovely, Anna Cercone, Mary Dumbovich, Lynn Cercone, Pat Imbrogno, Rob Dumbovich, Larry Ervin, Rich Derenda, Betsy Kohl, Chuck Kohl, Alice Blyzwick and Ed Blyzwick really outdid themselves.  Many compliments were heard about the good food and well-organized proceedings.  The student help included:  Jason Cercone, Chris Ervin, Steve Bieranowski, Kevin Lovely, John Scott, John Anthony Smith and Nia Capuano.  Good job everyone!

This Year's Results


First Place - Score 59
Tom McBride
Al Hommel
Greg McVey
L.J. Smega

Second Place - Score 60
Mark Battaline
Mike Madden
Fred Hobbs
Lou Baily

Closest to Pins
#6 - Bill Sweterlich
#9 - Mike Shutak
#11 Robert Olson
#15 Jihn Hricik

Longest Drive
Mr. Baslet

Longest Putt
Gary Peterson

Scramble: 78
John Fillo

Natural: 107
Coach Smiley

Skins (one on #11)
Bill Tumulty - $400

Natural Winners
First Place                  Second Place
Gary Flasco                    Chip Ross
Rich Marchionda              Gig Mundell
John Vlasic                        Jim Piganelli
Greg Lubic                             Mark Lucente

Concession Stand Cleanup

Wednesday, August 12, was cleanup day at the Quarterback Club Concession Stand located on the visitor's side of Moon Stadium.  Lynn Cercone, Larry Ervin, Bob Lemmon, Nan Lemmon, Mary Ann Miller, Mary Dumbovich, Pat Imbrogno, Denise Imbrogno and Marty Reddinger all got a chance to "catch up" on friendships as the yearly clean up was completed.  Thanks everyone for all your help.

Game Day Volunteers Needed!!!!

There is a lot of work done behind the scenes on home game day at Tiger Stadium for our football games.  There is set-up and clean-up of the concession stand, the 50/50 raffle tickets sales, program sales, merchandise sales, etc.  These are all areas that produce income for the Quarterback Club, which in turn is used to benefit our football players and cheerleaders in the way of meals, team t-shirts, awards and gifts at the year-end banquet, etc.  So the more money we bring in from the home games days, the more benefits for our players and cheerleaders.  The QB Club is asking for all parents to do their part in helping our with these various functions at these home games.  We only have four (4) home games this year, so we need to make the most out of them!!!!  Please do your part in helping out at at least one of the games.  Listed below are the committee chairpersons you can contact to help out on Game Day:

             50/50 Raffle             Rob Dumbovich            (717) 457-6554
                                               Larry Ervin                   (412) 264-1297

             Program Sales          John Smith                    (412) 262-5531

             Merchandise             Denise Imbrogno          (412) 269-1419

             Concession                Mary Ann Miller           (412) 262-3357

Remember -- In addition, all football players and the JV & Varsity cheerleader parents will be assigned a home game to work in the concession stand for one half of a game!!!!

Parent's Hats

The players should have received an order form for hats that parents can order for their player's number on it.  Cost is $10.00 and deadline is Saturday, August 19th.  Call Denise at (412) 269-1419 if you need an order form.

Moon Tiger "Tracked" to Moon Stadium

by Bob Lemmon

The Moon Quarterback Club successfully "tracked" the Moon Tiger at Moon Stadium on August 13th.  Thirteen brave souls successfully got up early and arrived at Moon Middle School at 6:45 AM.  Moon Tiger Paw prints were stenciled and painted on the roads leading to the stadium.  They look great!  Kudos go to:  Rob Dumbovich, Nan Lemmon, Ann Cercone, Lynn Cercone, Mike Lovely, Rick Derenda, Rick Derenda, Jr., Larry Ervin, Pat Imbrogno, Liz Derenda, Keith Lovely, Brian Lemmon, and Bob Lemmon.

Good Job Moon Cheerleaders!

by Pat Imbrogno

Our Moon Tiger Cheerleaders just elected their Year 2000 Captains.  They are:

                             Captains                               Co-Captains
                                Ashley Hartz                                  Sara Engel
                                Erica Lemmons                              Kristy Hepak

On August 10, 11, and 12 our cheerleaders successfully completed camp at West Virginia State College in Charleston, West Virginia.  Our squad won 1st Place - varsity division with home pom routine.  They also won superior squad for spirit - varsity division, a gold ribbon for the cheer and chant evaluation and a blue ribbon for their extreme routine.

Three girls were All-Star cheerleaders:

                                         Jaclyn Busch
                                         Sara Engel
                                         Erica Lemmon

Outstanding Ladies!! Way to go Tigers!!  We are all looking forward to watching your routines this season.  Keep the "Tiger Pride" cheering!

Football Program Ad Deadline!

Any businesses that wish to place an ad in the Moon Football Program  2000 can still do so, but the deadline is fast approaching.  If you didn't receive an order form and wish to place an ad, please contact Ann Cercone (412)-262-4612 or Mary Dumbovich (724)-457-6554.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to advertise to Moon Tiger Football fans!

Next Quarterback Club Meeting

Mark your calendar!  The September meeting of the QB Club is Thursday September 14 at 7:30 PM in the LGI room of the high school.  Come out and see what we are all about. Meetings only last an hour and you can get the latest news about the team during the coach's update. It's a great way to meet the other parents in our Moon Tiger "family".

Committee Chairpersons List

                               Golf Tourney            Pat Musta               412-262-4066
                         FB Program             Ann Cercone            412-262-4612
                                                    Mary Dumbovich    724-457-6554

                               Game Day Sales (3 Sub Committees)
                                50/50                          Rob Dumbovich      724-457-6554
                                                                   Larry Ervin             412-264-1297
                                Merchandise Sales         Denise Imbrogno    412-269-1419
                                Program Sales           John Smith              412-262-5531
                                Concession Stand           Mary Ann Miller    412-262-3357
                               Away Games             Fred Cercone          412-262-4612
    `                           Senior Night              Alice Blyzwick       724-457-8049
                                Robert Morris Games     OPEN
                                Banquet                     Linda Defurio          724-457-1628
                             Goal Post                   Pat Imbrogno           412-269-1419

                        If you want to help on a committee, please call! We need
                          everyone's help!