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Moon Tailgaters
Where:   At all Tiger Away Games.  Look for the QB Club Banner in the
                   vicinity of the Opponent's Stadium parking lot.

When:    QB Club will begin setting up at approximately 5:30 P.M. on Game Day.

Who:     Any Tiger Fan!  You do not have to be a member of the QB
                  Club.  Only requirement is to provide a hot or cold covered dish
                  as the Club cannot fund for this type event.  No charge, but
                  donations will be accepted to help defray cost of condiment items and
                  other such necessities.  So, come early and chow down before
                  the game!  It would be helpful if you would contact Barb Helfrich at
                  (724) 457-7568 prior to gameday to let her know what you're
                  providing so the QB Club can have some idea of the deversity of
                 foods coming for that away game.

Coming Soon! - Tiger's Tailgater Cookbook